The website calls random products make the snapshot update everyday

website, the effect is very good, every day to update the site snapshot, the search engine spiders are also very frequent. The daily amount included up to more than 3000.

so the article and product update quantity is limited, the use of random article reasonable and random products is very necessary. Especially the enterprise website products generally do not regularly update, update the article is also one day two or three bottles under the condition necessary to call the random articles and products, save the page substantially updated, let >



revision before sliding products display



new things is all love, but also love the search engine crawlers, then there are friends in Shanghai Longfeng site optimization process have encountered such a problem, may your site every day to update the original article, even seconds, but the front page snapshot or backward and even retreated to N years ago. I have seen many such consultation forum in Shanghai dragon, in some Shanghai dragon friends to answer that: one is the site itself did not adhere to the update, two love Shanghai database problems. The way to handle the problem is not to let him continue to wait for the complaint is the snapshot, personally think that this can not fundamentally solve the problem behind the page snapshot.

After the revision of the

optimized website dozens of home love Shanghai snapshot not update the case very much, with the recent Web site optimization local wine network, website snapshot in the snapshot before optimization can not keep up, even more than three days behind the snapshot. The preliminary analysis is because the home did not keep a good update, because new products less, home update rate is too small, the update rate of less than 10%. In order to solve the update was small, we were revised for the home, the product and the original sliding into floor style, and products are random, save the user and search engine crawlers come every time is new, as shown in figure

the author proposed here, not like home portal like save substantial update can try to call the random articles and products. The product is generally random and random by randomly retrieved list of articles and a list of products in the random number and serial number to form a new function module. This technology is generally Shanghai dragon friends recognized, especially when doing the station optimization, in the article or product page and random out of a random articles and products, on the one hand to enhance the user experience, each user in to see the result is not the same, on the other hand, the search engine crawlers each come to a new what saved the article pages and pages of product updates, increase the viscosity of the spider, improve web pages ranking.

after the revision of "floor" type of product

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