Three kinds of commonly used web site search engine ranking algorithm

3.PageRank algorithm: PR algorithm, I believe we are very familiar with, also is the chain.

1. frequency position Weighted Sorting Algorithm: as the name suggests is that from the entire site on the position of the text and the number of sorting, first look at the location of the site keywords in different content and appears in the title when the difference is very large, the search engines that can show the title of a web site is dry what, if the title which appeared far more important keywords keywords more than the inside. This is now we all know the title of a web site is very important is derived from this algorithm. The number again appeared, one word at a website or a page in the number shows its stronger correlation, this statement is a method of automatic indexing Luhn first put forward, is that everyone is the keyword density in the surface evolution algorithm. The limitation of frequency position weighted sorting algorithm is only pay attention to the words in the performance of the site and go to a website ranking, this algorithm is the first search engine is mainly used, when the title on the site in Webmaster content in what Keywords even picture ALT hard making up words, the more the better ranking stack.

2.Direct hit algorithm: this algorithm is based on user behavior to the website ranking, specific search engine in search of a particular word will record the user, click on a web site after his stay, then whether to search for the same word, then give the corresponding site dynamic weighted or drop right Shanghai, personally think that love is more, a while ago a love Shanghai clicks things, known as the three hours on the Internet at home, the fire, the fire of course means to an end, the principle of this thing is according to the Direct hit algorithm to design, to simulate the user through the replacement the behavior of IP to click on a web site has reached quickly up the rankings, of course, now love Shanghai has made a corresponding adjustment it already can not be used, if Go with that suicide. The author thinks that this algorithm is more and more important, because the search engine to control his ranking does not affect the user experience webmaster webmaster, always can’t control it, we can only do the content to retain users. This algorithm is of disadvantages ranking behind the website is a bit unfair, the user does not click on how to do, so sometimes the search engines will have absolutely no reason to enter the home site on the home page, if you stand so don’t get excited, a few days will be down, because the search engine is to collect user experience.

how search engines on the Internet so many websites suitable rankings? Must do the webmaster want to know this, which is computed by a very complex algorithm, the specific algorithm must know without a few people, but three of the most common algorithms still need everyone to learn about.

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