To optimize the details of nternet rumors that Shanghai Dragon

second, due to the recent love Shanghai adjustment, increase and improve the content and requirements, and this makes the part of Shanghai dragon Er into thinking: since love Shanghai attaches importance to content, then we do search engine optimization will be to focus only on the content? So, the crazy journey content construction opened, as everyone knows, it will cause very bad results, that is: for the construction content and construction content, let everything become devoid of substance, do not matter! The consequences will be grievous, everyone should be self-evident?

a lot of Shanghai dragon Er name to improve the user experience under the banner of the site design is very beautiful. This kind of behavior is really flashy without substance on the maximum damage and hurt the user experience, user experience, is certainly not to be optimistic about the search engine, so this kind of behavior from the internal and external cause many adverse consequences. I do not approve of this approach, any one should pay attention to Shanghai dragon er.

With the continuous adjustment of into the point!

I want to refute the Shanghai dragon optimization includes all the minor details excessive emphasis on the web page, or excessive emphasis on the effects that the content of the construction of the content to do Yanzhiyouwu, these conditions should be eliminated, what is more, there will be too much attention or study the spider algorithm etc.. The following details.

so we not only so, tracing to its source, direct >

is the key, but I think it is the people who do all the minor details, is not enough to understand the true meaning of Shanghai dragon.

love Shanghai algorithm, we see the phenomenon on the Internet is Starving people fill the land. Then, a lot of coping strategies, there. Of course, there are some voices, such as positive energy, called for us to pay attention to the website content, and the content of the site in the first place, or urge you to focus on Shanghai Longfeng optimization details, etc.. However, these positive energy calls are worthy of support, but it is important to note that it is too far. Shanghai dragon er must be careful not to let all the minor details to cover up the real Shanghai dragon optimization points.


third, over the care of spider ah ah like algorithm. I really do not understand, do research on Shanghai dragon is the spider algorithm has no meaning? Oh, I think this will not. To know whether the so-called spider or the so-called search engine algorithm is around the user, is in order to be able to show to the user needs, the user valuable content in the search results on the love of Shanghai.

Many people think that these two

wrote this paper, as a Shanghai dragon optimization personnel, I still have a certain pressure, after all, I may become a target for all. But this is not important, I need to have my heart say, let everyone know there is such a thought, such a point of view. Then,

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