The user experience of working in the Shanghai dragon core idea

What is the core idea of ?

two, what is the most simple and effective work of Shanghai Longfeng direct

simple direct Shanghai Longfeng work, the primary goal is to increase the site in the search engine exposure, the most common way is the keyword ranking. So we do not necessarily want to solve web exposure through high quality external promotion, first of all to do keyword ranking is the most direct way. But the premise of this way is to respect the user experience of the website itself, a certain quality of the content and structure.

, what is the user experience of the Shanghai dragon


look at our cleaning, air conditioning, water heater of the blog, several blogs do very fine, great flow, such as services, products sold to


well, today is the end of it, I hope you can help, this paper is written by the child 贵族宝贝 webmaster, welcome to reprint please.

Shanghai dragon in the user experience, simply speaking, is that users want to get information, to understand the product, want to obtain knowledge, to the content of the consultation, we do users want these things, is to respect the user experience! There are certain user experience.

Shanghai Longfeng work? User experience! When many owners and workers in Shanghai Longfeng do Shanghai Longfeng work did not seize the core idea to carry out the work. But the choice of many from the core idea of the way and the pursuit of. It is already mentioned, not to go to Shanghai to Shanghai dragon and phoenix. The real purpose of Shanghai dragon is to let their website display to the user to browse, to obtain information. In order to achieve the rank of use unscrupulous divisive tactics that this be accomplished single line of thinking must be corrected.

? ?

we do blog promotion must set all good? Look at our Shanghai dragon optimization keywords is what industry, there are several users can visit our website via blog? Through the blog to call the customer phone? Rarely. We look at the basic flow of 0 blog, blog, and then look at the key words of our optimization, it is necessary to do so complicated?

so, the webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng workers please think about these issues, a change of Shanghai Longfeng ideas, in order to obtain the maximum benefits with the minimum cost. This article is mainly about the change of some of the ideas for the need to control the cost of the case, with the most simple and direct way to do the most effective results. If you do not consider the cost, you have a lot of time and energy, that is to seize the user experience design, the core idea to Shanghai dragon

, the webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng workers note, most of the time we project (site) is not suitable for a start to look at issues from the user’s point of view, and should stand in the search engine’s perspective. About the user experience, rather than to search engine experience, to do the most simple and effective direct work.

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