The interpretation of the needs of visitors is to cater to the basic search engine

site 1, what we lack, if you introduce the chain flow rate is low, so it is necessary to strengthen the expansion of the chain, and in the extended time we should pay attention to a key problem, that is the release of the correlation of the chain, so that it may be better to attract traffic.

since we have what is the power source of the development of the site’s ranking question? Or profit? In my opinion these are not, the answer is visitors, we can consider the birth of objective of the site is why, what is the site and continue to thrive, the all of this is from visitors. A site to get visitors Everfount support then you must interpret the visitor’s behavior, we are going to talk about how to interpret the needs of visitors.



, a source of interpretation of visitors, adjust the strategy of

visitors to enter the site is only a beginning, the visitors at the site is the core, after the visitors enter the site we have to interpret visitors click rate is very high, if a site traffic is 1000, if more than three of 1 of the visitors are at the site, did not form more clicks it shows that this site, "the effect is not good enough, the visitors experience the page structure is not high, this time we need to change the site, when a visitor clicks on the rate of interpretation must also be the residence time of visitors to join in, if not more than ten seconds or more, can reflect the site visitors are not satisfied. This time the pages of the site must be changed, then how should we change the

two, interpretation of visitors click rate, adjust the web page

? site

1. section of the site, visitors need to do something in line with the column page, for example, I have a >

2, what advantage will then continue to the site, if you search keywords traffic into high, so it is necessary to keep the keyword search traffic, when we interpret visitor traffic sources is according to the real conditions of the site to adjust their strategies, ensure the continuous development of the site.

site visitors are closely linked, we in the operation of the site should be the first thing is to interpret the visitors come from, traffic statistics tool the background we can get visitors from either the posted on your site outside the chain, either from the related search keywords, but we first ratio to understand is that these two different traffic sources, understand their next development direction. For example, if you do an e-commerce site, you also released the chain in many sites, and the site daily traffic of more than 1000IP, this time you need to interpret the comparison of these flow where it came from, the purpose is to achieve the following two objectives.

The development of information sources and

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