How to improve the conversion rate the Shanghai dragon and media combination

from the media mainly include: blog, micro-blog, QQ, WeChat, Post Bar, video space. I in August 2008, Alibaba opened a blog, more than 6 years of unremittingly writing, has accumulated nearly 1000 original articles, the total traffic 7 million 470 thousand. It can be said that as early as 6 years ago, I was a blog from the media.

why? Because from the media, you have the original text. Potential customers through the keyword search, enter your self media platform, they repeatedly read your text, they will have a great sense of trust to trust you, once established, the conversion rate will be very high. If I only have an independent website, only the independent website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, not from the media, I could never get such results today.

+ from the media, let me from the beginning of a homeless poor grass root which, in a short period of time, in Shenzhen such a big city, buy a house, the company opened, then completely changed my destiny.

so, how to put the Shanghai dragon from the media and combine it? Is very simple: first, according to the way I explain the collection of hundreds of thousands, and even tens of thousands of long tail keywords, set to 9 platform up, let keyword information fully occupy the love Shanghai, 360, Sogou > ten

I am engaged in

by Shanghai dragon, good natural ranking keywords, it can bring good customer inquiries and orders. At the same time, if you do a good job of Shanghai Longfeng, also has from the media support, the conversion rate can be increased more than 10 times.

later, I opened the QQ space, micro-blog, WeChat. Since the media platform Matrix I built a blog, QQ space, micro-blog, WeChat, I am in the matrix since the media platform, almost every day to release the original text. I own a "Shanghai dragon Lonely Nine Sword" Ali: Shanghai dragon + independent website Shanghai dragon + blog Shanghai dragon + Forum Shanghai dragon +B2B + Q + Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon library Shanghai dragon + Video + micro-blog Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon. I have a lot of key words in the 9 platform. A large number of keywords, after my Shanghai Longfeng optimization, have very good rankings in love Shanghai, 360, Sogou search engine.

research and entrepreneurship Shanghai Longfeng from August 2008, has been more than 6 years. The traditional Shanghai dragon ER may concentrate mostly on separate sites, trying on the independent website main keywords optimization to the first page of Shanghai love, and even be accomplished. But they ignore a key point: the conversion rate. Any enterprise website (or online), must be based on the conversion rate of flow for the final standard. The best way to improve the conversion rate, I think, is to combine with the media since the Shanghai dragon. Is expressed in one sentence: Shanghai dragon brings intention to flow from the media to increase trust, bring high conversion rate.

Shanghai dragon

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