Keywords Secret A5 marketing count the outsourcing issue


the final result is that enterprises spend money ranking is there, but the site did not flow, or very low, but the outsourcing company will stay, because even if the contract is signed, these words to the home page only, and not promise much traffic.


according to different keywords the difficulty of these service providers to provide the quotation, but when you really choose the optimal, often tend to be biased for various reasons, such as: your keywords take months to show results, key words long tail word optimization is more accurate, the user is more efficient, faster.

There are three kinds of


just two months, there are nearly two thousand words? Under normal circumstances is simply not up to, not to mention the server is still in Canada, the delay time of 240 ms, as well as a chain, are not specific to the ranking? Think yourself, if someone told you >

do you really think these companies are for you seriously the hair of the chain, then the invalid refund? Wrong! Do you know how much labor costs? Most of the outsourcing companies are using: the mass of the chain, the station group, or click on the software fast ranking way to do. Anyway, the final result is: make up the money, do not go up do not give money, as labor costs, is very little. And the use of this way is the "cheating" once the site is down right, then there is no room for turning over basically, too many such examples.

The construction of We give an example:

in fact, the long tail word is indeed true, but a lot of daily service keywords but is not these words are those in which the competitiveness is very low, or that there are no loopholes keyword search, can quickly get ranked.

second trick: pit your station, there will be no loss of

website ranking, the first search engine bidding, second natural ranking, the natural ranking is divided into their Shanghai dragon team to handle, or outsourced to other companies to do rankings. But you know the keyword outsourcing how deep is the water? Most of the sites are the pit head! Really pay attention to their own enterprise website, choose their own keywords ranking, not a high weight website, do the outsourcing to do it, it is also true that


search engine from the point of view, many sites are doing, they will tell you that other sites are doing, that 100% words are valuable, but the fact is that those large travel websites are full coverage to do a variety of lines across the country, basically is "coverage" regardless of whether the attack is effective, as long as it is possible, will appear.

the first trick: avoid the key words, the main push of the long tail word

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