Don’t let love Shanghai treat weight weight lost my eyes carefully

a site has good rankings and flow is worth Adsense happy things, but we can not only see this point, there are a lot of brush keyword ranking tool is very powerful, it only takes a few days to your website ranking to rise to the home page, so your site weight will go up. But you will not find the website snapshot update, but when love Shanghai update your website ranking and traffic will be lost, so webmaster friends must not be a ranking of flow and lost my eyes, a website not only depends on the ranking and traffic, more time should also be included in the snapshot from the website.

Some weeks snapshot

flow is the influence factors of Shanghai love ranking weight, but this is only a part of the whole

A comprehensive image of the entire site

website is not updated, and some website snapshot update ranking is off, these updates are not normal snapshot update, real potential sites should be regularly updated snapshot, especially for personal website is more so, as a personal website snapshot is updated every day to do one of the most celebrated things, those personal website snapshot every day often ranked high, the update frequency is to keep the content of the website every day we have to do, then the effect of spider views on the website, and from the rankings, don’t think a ranking to update the snapshot, that is the ultimate development of have the order reversed site.

we can analyze the weight is relatively high, relatively high degree of brand website, will find such a situation, most of the sites included the speed is very fast, especially some news source website basically is the second, as a personal webmaster we do not seek its own website to the second, but we should also clearly see the website development speed and website, a website faster, you can fully explain this website spider love Shanghai very trust, the spider does not think the content of this site is good or bad, because trust so this kind of website rankings are often very high. For most of the webmaster, we need to do is to let the spider trust website, which reached the site of the part.

many webmaster love with weights to treat the entire website, as long as the weight of high webmaster is satisfied, this situation is very normal, the weight of a web site up to a relationship with ranking flow, included snapshot, etc. and has an important effect on the site is basically not to be included, so there a part of the weight of high site but the conversion rate is not high, the webmaster friends must treat Shanghai love weight carefully, don’t let your eyes lost weight in Shanghai.

included speed is the base of love Shanghai trust, website speed is short love Shanghai trust

update frequency snapshot, snapshot update faster high ranking


is a website of love Shanghai weight can only say is temporary, and a website.

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