Forwards the immediate Shanghai love several Shanghai dragon changes

2, use the advanced search commands frequent mistakes. Before the advanced search command support can also love Shanghai, combination of command can bring a lot of convenience to the webmaster. Now the situation is a lot of advanced search commands can query a data page, page is wrong, for example, the most commonly used " command; inurl:".

1, included the number gradually blurred. Whether it is love in Shanghai in order to promote the love of Shanghai, or other purposes, we found love Shanghai included becomes very inaccurate. After a lot of hidden data, page crawling included the release cycle was lengthened, no relatively accurate data collection for the webmaster, the effect as can be imagined.

4 update, become play fast and loose. Update the volatility is no need to say more, for a long time have not seen it according to the law of the normal update.

3, given similar "link factory" blow. In recent months the Shanghai dragon why site by K, part of the webmaster think this and the Shanghai dragon why export a large number of links to related. After repeated three or four times, one of the reasons we might not know. But we will find the query site external link structure, such as the Shanghai dragon why external links, especially the signature links, even if the day included, will soon be eliminated Shanghai love.

in the Shanghai dragon ER constantly challenge the authority of Shanghai love, by all kinds of methods of QJ love Shanghai home, such as "stations", Links stack and so on, love Shanghai finally do not wait. So, when love Shanghai to cut off the content, while the import link link, update at all, then how many repeated no laws, and our ability to initiate "challenge"?! the original start to join 贵族宝贝9355贵族宝贝/, welcome to keep the link reprint, exchange Q group 134574126.

webmasters may also find love, Shanghai intends to gradually reduce the transfer to the webmaster Shanghai Longfeng data on the site, and gradually to the fuzzy data of Shanghai dragon. Long before the last month 28 have this trend, and it is expected that this trend will also extend down.

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