The Shanghai Dragon


many webmaster or in the station optimization. However, code optimization is a temporary thing, once after will no longer need to do optimization every day. As the core of the optimization in the station or on the content of the site. Before I heard the love of Shanghai’s original spark program is not only directly refers to the content of the website, including website program itself. That is to say, if your website is same with others of the template, so Sorry, you have lost in the starting line, no matter how hard it is difficult to bear fruit.

or contribute to the better. But in the current popular Webmaster Platform, you can see some articles are has been written to the spread of the theme, with the same or different ways, most of the time, a rough look after the title will no longer continue to read the desire. Write better articles are often crazy reproduced, each stationmaster net has, each news website also has the technology section…… In addition to the role of network owners to obtain a valid bend over backwards outside the chain, no more meaning.

of course, you can also refute this passage above me. Remember the A5 website has done a survey, ask you to go on the A5 web site to what purpose. Learning, communication, or just to get a chain. I think 95% people are the latter. The remaining 5% are having problems finding answers rookie. Of course, we submit the answers or to learn more, on the surface of the work must be done, otherwise, who can know I told you I really think, my account will gag, since less of a chain of

has a long period of time, in the Shanghai dragon group or time with some senior Shanghai Longfeng Er exchange, ask them now in what way do optimization, the answer is very simple: the station optimization, content updates. If further asked, will tell you the chain for a few weight high point, occasionally to some high weight site to contribute a little. No more.

but the station content update is not Shanghai dragon straw. Have a website ranking and love Shanghai home third Shanghai dragon Er chat, asked him how to do in the station optimization. He said, write. Then added: a week ago to write an article, now changed to three days to write an article. In his opinion, this is already a very hard thing, I went to his website, write the contents of the basic is to sign contracts with customers and the like, and usually only two hundred or three hundred words. You know I thought of his own four websites every day and do it at least 800 words more than 5 original insisted that the mood have no effect for nearly two months of suffering, is a "?

but Webmaster Platform open every day to see, you will see the forum or as in the past the various flood posts, are a little better, is written not professional or not coherently, poor statements impassability typo talk point is to use software out of the brush, the difference is more direct with the link.

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