When online shopping is no longer free Shanghai dragon China decide on what path to follow

however, in the global economy has become the trend of stagflation, domestic business tax gradually high now, facing the China Shanghai dragon industry challenge is also more serious. "Very early I said, too many people realize that we actually is not good, because it will increase the difficulty to seize the keyword ranking, will lead to the rise and fall of the value of our work work. Once the economic difficulties, help Shanghai Longfeng enterprises would not be less, they can be out of the price but only a few are not many." Poly sea technology senior network promoters Lin Jiawei said. >

although the post financial crisis era Internet event created thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers together in search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) rare industry boom, but impetuous, whole society popular flaunty wind blew into the same field: some industry use a large number of "black hat" skill rank cheating, create a false link regardless of the platform, spamming inferior advertisement once again become the network pollution, even as some frequently rebuilt engine business to expand its self promotion business ranking manufacturing rare excuse.

actually, pay tax in the spread of giant "my one percent" after the news, many shop owners expressed fears. "Just on Taobao to sell a few things, I heard that this is not taxed, let’s profit is not high to diluted?" learning machine agents Zhang said.

"the current tax system is Chinese income tax and turnover tax, social retail sales of over 60% of the macro tax burden is an important reason for the domestic prices high. Started in 12th Five-Year "planning", national income doubled by the slogan into action immediately, reduce personal tax, expand the corporate tax base is likely to be the main way of tax reform in recent years. The business tax will soon enter the long-term rising stage." Shanghai Longfeng information dissemination network chief network economic analyst Luo Jiaqing commented.

at the same time, after nearly ten years of rapid development, the total Chinese online shopping transactions in 2010 reached 523 billion 100 million yuan, representing an increase of 109.3%, accounting for 3.3% of total retail sales of social consumer goods. A large number of enterprises and individuals to enter the online shopping, in addition to the wealth effect of attractive, effective avoidance of tax is also an important reason.

days ago, Wuhan City Bureau of the famous Taobao shops — "my one percent" women’s clothing store opened a $430 million yuan in the first China shop tax bills, thus, online shopping market "tax havens" of the name officially became history.

in 2010s, with the aging of the population increasing pressure, resources and environmental costs increased rapidly, the dividends of globalization continued to decline over the past thirty years has been the rapid growth of the economy Chinese came on the eve of reform and transformation, and the major reshuffle. In the current political and economic system changes under the condition of lack of opportunity, the adjustment of tax system naturally became an important starting point for macro-control.

choice: Shanghai dragon to comprehensive promotion direction to break

tax: network cost to enter "long rising channel"

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