Xu Jinsheng explain the love of Shanghai regional search results for different reasons

The following


must study in Shanghai know love love Shanghai in different regions when some search keyword search results, a function that is love Shanghai has long test: when a user input some keywords, love Shanghai will call the user’s IP and IP according to the users in the city, to improve the city + keywords ranking. In fact, the results of a lot of people have been analyzed, seen in the Shanghai dragon why Forum last night teacher Cardiff issued a "Shanghai dragon on the first phase: Research on the essay" love Shanghai regional search results is not what topic post, just recently also participate in essay discuss this topic.


will be according to their own specific example to analysis about the love of Shanghai regional search results for different reasons. First I on your home computer with love Shanghai search "network company" the words, the results are as follows:

are ip138 and I show QQ city IP address, is the city of Shenzhen, is that my IP is Shenzhen, but above the search results obviously love Shanghai is Shanghai, Shanghai is the love of my IP is found in Shanghai, the result shows the search shows that it’s not love Shanghai is judged according to the user’s city, but according to the user’s IP to judge the city, but also love Shanghai and ip.cn IP identification results are consistent, the other is not consistent. Of course I also let me one of the Shenzhen telecom users friends search "network company" this keyword, as shown in figure


two from the above picture can be seen in a Shenzhen search result is not the same, but it is truly love Shanghai that Shenzhen user’s search results, because it is my friend IP in IP.cn and ip138 found is consistent is the city of Shenzhen, so this is why the same a city of search results are not the same, because the width of the.


This is the ip.cn The

check my IP display is Shanghai the Great Wall broadband, so I love Shanghai Shanghai network company also should be normal, but I was in Shenzhen, why can search search to Shanghai? And IP should also be Shenzhen, I am from QQ shows that the city and the IP138 query to my IP that is Shenzhen, see:

first to show I am now in Shenzhen City, with the the Great Wall broadband network. The IP address should be also in Shenzhen, but why do I search the Internet company ranked second of third Shanghai network company? Do I IP Shanghai? I also use several ways to check some of my IP, but found some different, see below:

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