Three key points to enhance the weights of the website

site was included in the search engine after short-term will not have a good ranking, all new webmaster want the website to gain a foothold in the search engine, and has a good search rankings, what should we do? Feng Qiang: the new webmaster how to improve website weight, the main work we have to do is chain content innovation, high quality and efficient web traffic.

The How many independent IP access to

in the chain for the emperor before the first well content to update, and now the search engine algorithm is more frequent, and the degree of attention to readability increases again, increase the original by improving the content of the site, can greatly enhance the user experience. In addition to update the original content of positive real and creative is conducive to enhance the website weight.

The chain of

short, a website weight ascension is a very complex thing, regardless of which one part of a problem can be.

effective site traffic is equally important. No one visited web sites, search engines will regard it as a waste site, there is no need of customer site, no customer needs will not be search engine, this site is not lifting weights.

two, high quality

how to increase the effective flow of the web site? Use feeds to increase traffic, but recently a lot of web station, there is not a lot of traffic. You can register an account on these sites included their own web pages, such as can appear on the home page, is a lot of traffic. To the forum a large flow of some good post, just like me, may also take some flow over. There are many good methods to enhance the flow here is not introduced one by one.

"the chain for emperor" has fully demonstrated the importance of the chain.

The new

traffic is your site every day, the new Adsense website how to know how much traffic? Appropriate input site traffic statistics can be, many webmasters are not unfamiliar to it, it is an important way to understand the operation of the site. Site traffic statistics is the site after putting into use, for the installation of professional website traffic statistics system, or the use of software to analyze the web log files.

, a content innovation

has been recognized by the majority of owners of the chain for the emperor, "content is king".

approach is many new Adsense website just built, can not wait around for Links, everywhere the hair of the chain, but the site’s ranking is not always rising. There are owners on the chain of the chain tool is mad by, eventually because the site is too new no weight, search engine cheating and The loss outweighs the gain. The new station is the best content of innovation and then slowly increase the high quality of the chain is the key of the rankings, the high quality of the chain can enhance the search engine attention to your site, it will think your site is essential in the Internet, can increase the weight of the website.

three, effective website traffic

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