The necessary condition of the webmaster want to do better on the Shanghai Dragon

is the first condition of spiders, some friends saw the two words must be familiar, but some people would think: the spider is out of our control, so how to save the spider? If you ask it, so that you are a talented Shanghai dragon Er, of course, we are unable to control spider but, we also can not control it, although we can not directly.

              in fact, I want to say is very simple, in order to better do Shanghai Longfeng, we want to know what conditions can the Shanghai dragon do better, let our ranking is better, if I say so, if you feel interested in? I believe that you can’t wait, of course, I am not so stingy, I will put all my understanding of the technology and experience to share out, during my contact with the Shanghai dragon, I feel the practice and the theory is important, but we do need to condition, and do the Shanghai dragon the condition and theory of practice is not aibian, why? Because we need to do our condition is slowly out of the Shanghai dragon to accumulate, when you do not accumulate in Shanghai Longfeng terms So, you do Shanghai dragon is never easy, but slowly you engaged in Shanghai Longfeng accumulation conditions and for your future work can more easily finish to do, so why should I put this article called "necessary conditions" want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng, because of the conditions of the resources, our future work will give great help, said that some friends will think I wordily, I have the following conditions and we need to tell you how to go when we meet these conditions: keep it

, a spider

yesterday I said "how the Shanghai Longfeng combine theory and practice", it will be more effective, so that theory and practice only be made one time to play the biggest role, yesterday I also said in the article, some of my own views, but in this chapter, I’m going to tell you about the theory and practice since have learned to combine, we will learn how to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng, may I say that some people will feel very contradictory, not to say that as long as the combine theory and practice will make Shanghai dragon? Really say it is right, but I want to say is how the Shanghai dragon do better, although the theory and practice can be combined to make Shanghai dragon, but each person’s character is not limited to, we want to pursue a better, so I want to write an article This article, the method of theory and practice to help everyone learn together, and let the Shanghai dragon do better, said that some of my friends think I might argue, get into business is not good, but if I get it directly, you will feel that this article is useless the importance of the statement so I want to say so much, may we all don’t know what I want to say what.

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