The new era of Shanghai dragon website optimization industry confidence can enjoy the process

from primary school to now all the textbooks or formal teaching institutions have no textbooks, but in real life for the strength of the optimization of personnel market is in short supply state, for myself my work experience has been for 3 years, this three years has been dealing in electronic commerce and Shanghai dragon. For example, website construction, optimization and promotion, with the rise of the Shanghai dragon boom will gradually be transferred over, is mainly engaged in enterprise website optimization and promotion of Shanghai dragon.

in 2010 the first exposure to the concept of Shanghai dragon feel very curious, a corporate website can through their own efforts to achieve the desired website ranking, the author thinks that this is unbelievable, that this is certainly a interesting thing. The website to obtain the ideal ranking and weight, to the enterprise a lot to get from search engines for free quality flow, increasing the value of their own is also very meaningful, the author thinks that the artistic characteristics and points of interest of Shanghai dragon is reflected in here.

second, Shanghai dragon can help to quickly obtain additional income many grassroots adsense.

as everyone knows, the search engine optimization is the Shanghai dragon, with the development of electronic commerce, many enterprises have joined the station in the ranks of e-commerce, of course can not deny the development of the Internet for various industries to promote and support the sales force in the new period has been continuously strengthened, but I think it is necessary for Shanghai dragon cognition and to know, because any one industry we only look at the issue One divides into two. not only for the entire industry biased and one-sided view, analysis of Shanghai Longfeng work value and significance from the following four aspects to the author..

is how to say? It is not profitable to Shanghai Dragon said that the current Internet environment background for the development of electronic commerce, network shopping, only the Shanghai dragon arena. With the growing popularity of the Internet, various websites with increasing numbers, so the need of Shanghai Longfeng service customers also jumped. It is very suitable for the operation of the station to the current guest website, the author will set up their own Taobao guest website in 2010, the use of spare time to do keywords website, can be brought by Shanghai Longfeng quality customers every day, with the site, Taobao, step by step, the optimization of the website ranking, although earn much, but is entirely their own hobbies, and the time is free flow is very stable, but also can bring an extra income, I have been very satisfied.

third, Shanghai dragon optimization is an art activity.

many people think Shanghai dragon is a technology, such as the words "analysis, structure adjustment and so on, but in my opinion it is a kind of non Shanghai dragon.

We found that

first, Shanghai dragon is a continuous occupation to surprise you.

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