The website has included no ranking Starting from a few details

do Shanghai Longfeng treatment for so many years, very few wrong client sites do TKD revision strategies, 95% website website of 50% handwritten inappropriate writing, no mistake, in accordance with the rules for processing, random layout, or "title keyword copy" to other websites. There is no page ranking, what is most important? Is the title keyword these, if this writing is not good, included more, what is the use? How do these arrangements? Of such specialized in my public number (WeChat public number: qq2567173), interest.

before someone asked me: why is this page I rank not ah, has been stable for several years. But my dear, you have not thought about this article for three years ago, are still true? It’s really something to be out of date! You three years to a page ranking, other sites three years and how many updates? If this time you don’t step aside, it is Providence will not forgive the. At the same time, for some of the timeliness of the page, should be more clearly marked "time expired", not speculation, to avoid being punished.

spiders crawl a page that is not caught once, we can find many pages, spiders are repeated to crawl. However, if your page is not stable, it will seriously affect the score of the page. The spider crawl is not stable, user access will be unstable, and how to get the ranking? The problem is: DNS, the server is not stable, the firewall.

two the

what is the underlying database? Just like some of the girls fall in love, with a hand on, but there are one or more spare tire with around. Which day is bad and genuine boyfriend broke up, so the spare tire can be officially host, and the official "without identity", is the underlying database.


four TKD

will be placed in the bottom? You have certain use value, but not the best, this problem involves the content value, page structure etc.. But generally speaking, a high of the original site, it is difficult to be put into the database. The lower the cost of maintenance site, into the bottom of the probability is big, like those in the B2B platform, there are millions of index, but most are stored in the database.


three web pages for unstable


writing problems Some sites included thousands of

can IP over 10000, but also some sites included one million, also only a few thousand IP Campbell, why web gap so large? Do not determine the ranking number included height, height is 100% rank but decided how much traffic. These details, you may not notice it.

data is put into a

has lost its potency

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