Shanghai Longfeng practice 3 make a web site to the search engine friendly user

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series before mentioned Shanghai Longfeng data preparation, and how to make the website to the search engine friendly, it is difficult to avoid the technical level involves a lot of content. This article finally can enter the slightly lighter topic, because the website to the search engine user friendly, we need only from the common sense of it — though often more common sense is likely to become blind.

search engine will give the site free Shanghai Longfeng traffic? Because one of the main profit point is that it charges PPC advertising, and its quality is directly driven by the natural search results to its PPC market share.

why Shanghai Longfeng is in the service of search engine users

if you have an excellent website, people to this site later greatly linger. Of course, can not say this website is not good for the Shanghai dragon, for search engines are more likely to have a high quality web site information, but the search engine does not favor it completely. Because the search engine’s goal is very simple, which most users want to use search engines to search, after then find this information on your website, go directly to the satisfaction of.

Article two the

(if the type of search to know, know that the main is divided into three kinds: navigation, Search ask and product type. In addition to navigation type search love Shanghai is not convenient to intercept too much traffic, love and love is Shanghai Shanghai know Wikipedia is completely corresponding question type and product search and the product of Shanghai dragon.


for electricity supplier sites, first a user from SE>

we do Shanghai dragon and Phoenix, there are some things don’t need to think too much, or should focus on how to effectively search engine users return to what they need.

to some extent, but the search engines do not want users too love other websites, if so as to reduce the frequency of use of the search engine it is useless to myself. Although the search engine may not so as to do evil, to turn excellent website ranking lower (because of human intervention in business competition is another, not discussed here), but like love like Shanghai, the Shanghai encyclopedia, love love Shanghai know and so on platform, a large part of their search traffic and drainage yourself, because it is actually not love to flow to other sites.

first need to realize is that the service on the website of the service to the user and search engine users what is the difference? Is the main difference, entrance page and demand for information.


I do not know if anyone in doubt, why not on their own web site is user friendly, but the search engine user friendly? This is so far the biggest blind spot in Shanghai Longfeng majority, Shanghai dragon service object is not on your own website, but the search engine.

how to make Shanghai dragon service in search engine users

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