Rookie webmaster should how to prevent malicious attacks website


finally, I also set up their own Pizhou tiger network company, since it is a rookie, do website is also very cheap. I do not rely on this to maintain life, there is only an amateur, do not do it, their professional network company. The type of site as long as the source to do a website, such as forums, blogs, shopping mall, group purchase, enterprise station etc..

with the development of the Internet, many people already have their own website. Whether it is business or personal, business. Previously, a website in thousand million. Now, the price of website construction is not so expensive, several hundred dollars can make a website. Moreover, these hundreds of dollars in Internet companies are mostly self-taught, no technology and professional network company compared.

Three kinds of malicious attacks

2, the blog was malicious message

my Shao Lianhu blog, every day there are dozens of malicious messages are bad information. So, my blog the message audit form. In order to prevent a malicious message, I put the limit "

log every forum, there is always a lot of malicious registered account, is the name of the English. But, there will always be many posts, are some English articles, but there are still some illegal information. Every day I just have to delete these junk posts for long time.


a few years ago, I had a few forum. However, always find the site is malicious brush flow, malicious registration, post. My site is the space limiting flow, a month 5000M traffic half a month or so will be done. So, less than a month, I’ll have to find the space to flow to zero.

I, is a typical rookie webmaster. Started learning website construction from 2010, up to now there are more than four years. In this process, too many too many problems, always think of various methods to solve the difficulty. Because, once solved, not only can not earn money, but also loss of money. Finally, I was through the love of Shanghai, Taobao, or pay someone to solve.

in this four years, made hundreds of websites, almost no problem, everything is normal. However, I have my own website by the attack. May be my site than famous website, once known as well, a famous website will be malicious attacks. Here, Shao Lianhu met with his blog on the site was attacked the problem and you said.

although these self-taught network technology can not, however, for small and medium-sized enterprises, individual businesses, the construction site was more than sufficient. They are also the site of low price, to meet a lot of people want to do and could not bear the cost of building tens of thousands of dollars.

1, the forum was malicious registration, posting malicious

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