Reasonable layout of key words let the spider genzhaoganjiaozou



, a Website Title Description: core keywords as far as possible by the former

only the reasonable layout of the words, to know the website is based on keywords as the theme of the search engine, it is possible to effectively enhance the website weight. Keywords general distribution in the website, keywords and description, page text, picture ALT description, and website construction of the so-called three bit word, which refers to the site title, keyword description and page text of the three places, the same emphasis on the core keywords. The different position and the position and frequency of keywords have certain requirements, general site title should be concise and comprehensive, the content of the page should first ensure that the sentence should not blunt keywords implantation. In the key position of several different, how to effectively improve the keyword density of

meaningless will not only allow users to drag, will let you feel cheated in search engine. Keywords and website content description, is an important part of the web search engine recognition, such as DESCRIPTION, generally as long as you describe and describe the content and website of the same theme, love Shanghai Google will directly use this description. Keywords implant proper and reasonable, when the user searches, by word or phase retrieval >

often focus on search engine friends may find the title if too long (more than 32 characters), search engine will be replaced with an ellipsis interception. Not that this will affect your weight, but the title is too long but it will affect the user experience. If necessary, please put the site title within 32 characters. The number of characters in such short time, wrote the title of the keywords must be very core words. Moreover, the more important is the core keywords, must rely on the arrangement, perhaps it is only human psychological factors, but by the keywords at least the user experience is good, because you can as soon as possible to let the user know the theme of the site. There is a need of special note is standing in the optimization point of company name is not the most important, if can effectively improve the rankings, sacrificing the name of the company is also worthy of keywords.

keyword is the soul of the web site optimization, so that the core keywords and long tail words in the search engine ranking, website construction and website optimization is made to. On a website, no not the keyword density, because the search engine can not judge the theme and core websites. But the keyword density is too large, or the distribution is not reasonable, it will affect the quality of the site, even cause the misjudgment of search engine. The obvious misunderstanding is that keyword keyword stuffing, especially in the middle of the site title TITLE and KEYWORES/DECRIPTION, many people think that as long as the keyword density is large enough, can enhance the website ranking. But in fact, keywords meaningless to stack not only the rankings, but will bring down the weight.


two, key words and Description: do not stack keywords repeat

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