Search engine optimization and Shanghai Shanghai dragon love bidding merits


3, regardless of the degree of difficulty. No matter how popular keywords, as long as you want, you can enter the first three even, it was just a question of money.

traditional Shanghai Longfeng optimization in short time cannot get good rankings, if it is a general key words need to go through 1 weeks to 3 months before reaching Shanghai love home, after March will appear in the long-term stability of the Shanghai love home, suitable for long-term planning of enterprise /p>! "

1, website optimization ranking love Shanghai for one year the cost of the ranking may be done for one to two months of expenses, compared to auction is much cheaper.

The advantages and disadvantages of

2, the number of keywords without limit.

love Shanghai bidding refers to show the company’s products and services and business through the channels, the ultimate objective is to improve the conversion rate of completed orders.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization shortcomings:


search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon love Shanghai natural ranking) the advantages and disadvantages of

1, love Shanghai PPC quick recharge: set keyword prices immediately after you can enter the love of Shanghai top ten, you can control their own position, who is out of the price the higher the ranking will.

Low price:

2, enterprise management is simple: no special management, all by website optimization services for your maintenance, enterprises have to do is not observed under position stability can be saved, you hire a professional to manage your expenses.

5, strong stability: do website with regular web site optimization techniques, as long as the proper maintenance, the stability of the ranking is very strong, the location of several years may not change.

3, the engine takes all their independence: website optimization ranking is the biggest advantage of no engine, even if you only ask for love Shanghai is optimized, but the result is Google, YAHOO or other search engine rankings will be improved, effective visitors will bring more invisible to you.

4, love Shanghai PPC can set keywords the consumption amount, when the amount of consumption after ranking disappeared.

optimization advantages:

with the development of the Internet, corporate sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like, therefore, the enterprise website also pay more attention to the website optimization, but want to get more attention and click rate, face search engine optimization and Shanghai dragon love Shanghai bidding choice. So today Xiaogang Shanghai Longfeng and you talk about search engine optimization and Shanghai Shanghai dragon love for the merits, should be how to choose.

love Shanghai auction

4, do not worry about malicious clicks: what we do is the natural ranking, not pay per click, regardless of how your competitors, do not give you a waste of money, but there will be conducive to the natural ranking website.

Shanghai dragon

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