How to do in depth analysis of Shanghai dragon page optimization


three, description

Use connector

Tianjin Shanghai dragon research center after a large number of case "keyword tags have almost no effect on the Shanghai dragon website optimization". Because the search engine ranking algorithm has not considered Keywords tag content.

page optimization in the station optimization accounted for a large part of. So if you do page optimization? Page optimization including the details of what part of optimization? Today Tianjin Shanghai dragon Research Center TJ Shanghai dragon Er teacher for everyone to do in-depth analysis.

4, do not stack keywords, concise title. 5, the title will have a certain appeal, dry title is estimated that no one is interested in.

Shanghai dragon

3, the headline control in less than 32 words, many also cannot be displayed in the search results. Keywords and the location should as far as possible in front, the best words inside there. Because the accumulation in the keyword, more than words, the indirect correlation between title and keyword dilution; I think the title is too long, the viewer is too lazy to see.

Tianjin Shanghai dragon Research Center found through experiments, the description tag of Shanghai dragon is almost no effect optimization, search engine algorithm commonly used also do not consider this factor. But can not say that there is no use in describing the description label, the label is usually on the content of the page summary, but the search results included page summary of the discovery through the search engine, which is helpful to attract click. The General tab content are automatically generated, common is taken from the first paragraph of the first 200 words. Tianjin Shanghai Longfeng Research Center for ranking pages can be hand written description tags, >

2, title and H1 tags, while the title occurs in < head> the best search engine, in order to find the fastest title.

5, the title to reflect the inside pages of easy to be optimized, through the combination of keywords to manifest, such as Tianjin Shanghai Longfeng optimization company, contains a number of optimization keywords used here, love Shanghai Chinese segmentation technology (after detailed interpretation of love sea Chinese segmentation technology).

7, in the title, some strange symbols do not use, recommend the use of | underlined "- |".


, the first is the title page optimization title tag

tag description tags Keywords

1, the title should be closely linked to the core content, the only unique and title, can let visitors a look at the title content is about what, but also on the search engine friendly;

6, if you want to highlight the company’s name, title or product information service. Keywords can be placed behind the need to highlight the vocabulary.

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