On 2012 the website optimization of those things

just know a little bit of ranking people know, no matter what the daily search engine ranking algorithm in the update, always in the change, as the author of the website, yesterday a few keywords ranking on the home page, today disappears. As the saying goes, the plan changes. Do Shanghai Longfeng optimization ranked flow of the webmaster, said the ranking algorithm in the update every day, but you know why hard clinging to the previous method of operation? In fact, there are now 60% individual owners still hold the traditional optimization method that the hair of the chain, outside the chain to get using the chain rankings, that can quickly enhance the ranking, in fact, a small station, the author of the figure:

is now a lot of personal Adsense still stays in the outside of the chain to improve ranking stage, resulting in a lot of time the number of your site outside the chain of more than ten thousand, can exchange for a good ranking, then it will have one idea, is not the chain of many high ranking? Why I the chain of tens of thousands.


website as ruler, are needed in different ways to improve the site’s ranking, popularity, traffic every day. The purpose is to make the site more income and solve their own problems three meals a day. I think there are many webmaster like me to dream, to quit the job, start a full-time webmaster. If the optimization technology on the now five years ago, so you can send, ha ha, do a daydream. For now ranked make flow, actually not so easy, because your mind is behind the search engine development speed, but also do not understand what search engine needs, what the user needs, so you can feel the website ranking is very difficult to do.

the number of the chain has tens of thousands, in the ordinary circumstances so much the chain expected there will definitely be a good ranking, but the reality is always cruel, do not say that ranking, even included only one page, but also a high ranking? So, for the present situation of webmaster said website ranking difficult to do, every day to keep their site outside the chain but not for any rankings. The most important thing is you don’t keep up with the change of the traditional search engine, outside the main chain ranking algorithm has changed, for now, the search engine ranking is no longer given outside the main chain, believe that after a few years the chain will become a decline in the rankings chicken ribs, forums and blogs through the chain search the engine can be seen. Now do the ranking is not difficult, as long as you speed up your thoughts pace, follow the development of the search engine. Now the search engine what is most important to a website, what the website ranking will be good? This is not difficult, love Shanghai optimization guide said, the search engine to determine whether a site has good rankings, stability of a space. The readability of the content of two. Three in the chain construction planning. Four invalid links. Five advertising layout. So few, and for the chain is more of a factor, that is correlation.

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