How to judge whether a site is down right

love Shanghai have been saying that site is not the real website included quantity, is only an estimate value, the amount collected more accurate reference index should love Shanghai statistics are given. The experience shows that when site is greater than the index amount indicates that high quality website; when the amount of site was slightly lower than the approximate index or index quantity indicating the site is normal; when the amount of site is far less than the amount of the index is that the existence of a large number of spam sites, web site quality is not high; when the index is less than or equal to 10 or 0, the site was K or love.

love the Shanghai statistical background data judgment:

1, site domain name no results: through the site command query included in the site found that the original included all have no. In addition to the site syntax itself may malfunction, the rest is search engine serious drop right this possibility, we call the "K station" or "pull hair". Usually only serious cheating site will suffer from such severe punishment.


site syntax for all Shanghai dragon Er should know, is also the advanced search engine one of the instructions, the most commonly used site domain name query is included in the site, there are several cases to consider whether the site is down right.

2, site domain name website home page is not the first page: Although the ranking and the syntax of site Never mind too much, but the first position is usually to the home page, if site found on the front page of the site is not in the first place, even in the first few pages are not, then we must consider whether the site search engine punishment, of course, this is not absolute, if the site is the main push of a two level domain name, other than the home page weight is too high, it will appear this kind of phenomenon is not the right down.

search engine senior command judge:

right down to one site is a fatal blow, suddenly without warning, as a Shanghai dragon Er, if the site is down right, we can’t panic like a boss, not like other employees feel helpless, because we are professional. The following will teach you some methods, how to judge whether a site really is down right

how many nights we stare at the statistical background at traffic data, once a day how many times site’s own domain, we have for days to view a page has not been included. Website optimization Shanghai Longfeng unavoidable topic: how to determine whether a site is down right? So many sad pay after suddenly found the flow down, top down, have to give up the idea of Shanghai dragon? On the morning of August 2012, how many people’s heart fell to the bottom, leaving many people at that time. How many people decided to slowly transition from the pure Shanghai dragon in that month. If you see this article, you are stuck with it.


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