Love Shanghai 8 22 and then a new algorithm of Taobao customers as well as the future of it


2, Austria: I can say a data. I have ranked in the survey site, and live well off the single page Taobao site, their interfaces are pretty ugly, poor user experience. These sites to have such a performance, largely because of love in the 6.28 Shanghai killed a large number of station, then take them to push up. So, or that sentence, if you do, you must be better than them, why don’t you try

August 22nd, Shanghai Webmaster Platform love Lee love again announced Shanghai algorithm upgrade, will continue to affect more scope of the site. From the love of Shanghai announced the algorithm, so that a large part of the Taobao guest heartbeat again, because a lot of Taobao the guest is using this method to operate the web site of the

now is the best time to make Taobao off! Because this time the Taobao customer is in the darkest before dawn, if brave to go out, it is another piece of a brighter world! Because this time, we are the best of the favorable factors.

brave? )The 1 day:

see love from Shanghai after the 6.28 large-scale K station, constantly upgrade algorithm, more and more out of the inferior website constantly. Many Taobao guest feel very pessimistic, think this is love Shanghai specifically for Taobao passenger regulation. For a time, the forum, QQ group four sound again. After the 6.28 love Shanghai K station, I began to think, I want to do the next station, how should I do? Is not the same as some people on the crisis, Taobao customers have no chance of

oh no?Since

why do you say

why don’t you brave try

now love Shanghai rankings, there are too many locations are empty, 900 pages, a ranking of the pages up to 700. In other words, the position, the weight should be better for home. If you do, maybe this is your position.

?In fact, I think: ?

(I have investigated a lot of love Shanghai now alive website top 20 web sites, and then made some data analysis.


analysis of Taobao customer can still do that, I’m going to continue to do so. After all, to do so for a long time, be familiar with the area over the other.

3, and this person, is actually very simple. If you often in some Adsense BBS bubble, often chat in the webmaster group inside, you will find that too many Taobao, Taobao customers give up in the railway station, passengers feel Taobao no future. I’m not psychological dark, one less competitor, a chance for me to.

, love Shanghai at 6.28K station in K, lost a large number of Taobao off predators. No matter what keywords, whether used to do much good, have been K off. All together now, back to the starting point, start again.

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