The new station to Shanghai dragon optimization to achieve leapfrog growth

buy a new domain name, it is best not to use or purchase, because it may let love down right over Shanghai. Buy a domain name after the domestic host user is need to record, the record generally spend a month to two months. Of course, if you long to handsome or beautiful words may be about a week before. The record during that time many webmaster is anxious and wait for the time, in fact this is a wrong way. The record of what to do? First put a page to the space, the page must have the word or article (to ensure the original and regular replacement), the title of the page is set to you after the title of the site (of course not involved in the title record not by those keywords conditions). The next step is to do the chain. But in the chain before everyone please pay attention to the first site to locate and search keywords to target, so the chain need to stand outside the anchor text as an example to do, some do not understand Shanghai Longfeng webmaster here do not know what is the anchor text. The anchor text says is "refined" hyperlink, the website of your target keywords do good positioning of the hyperlink to your domain name to other sites. For example: " Chengdu Shanghai dragon ". Before the new station on the line as long as you adhere to every day to the above said this a few points on the line.

in recent days, Shanghai dragon why training Shanghai dragon, so these days I have not updated blog. Give readers here to say sorry, this dedication to a love and we are very concerned about the new station to the optimization of the rapid growth of Shanghai dragon. I hope you can learn more here. A lot of people think their new sites can quickly get the love of Shanghai’s favorite, but because the new weight is very low so love Shanghai recording and snapshot is slow. The new station and want to rely on high quality friendship connection is also very difficult to obtain the weight, basically no one is willing to new sites in connection.. Below I will detail about how to create a new station will be a high weight of the new station, new station by this method will be able to enjoy the treatment of the old station.

record through the audit, timely upload to do a good job in the program to the space, please note here. In the program after the upload site is divided into many categories do not look out, one by one. Such as: the classification of the first day to do a "Chengdu Shanghai dragon", and then add the original articles in the classification, such as the first love Shanghai included classification or through the web log view have spider. If the spider came, you can add second categories according to the classification and then add a related in the original article. Because of this, love Shanghai spiders will determine your site are updated every day so you will be hanging the spider’s appetite, one day a little attraction to update your website. For a long time in Shanghai included a lot of love.. Because now the PR value of the update is very slow, so as long as you love the world ranking and the stability of Shanghai and the same number included with the chain of the site is no problem for the replacement of the connection…


railway station

A new station on the line before

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