The new station to improve the ranking chain promotion combination to play the biggest effect

was the first to explain the word quickly, otherwise you will misunderstand. I said quickly is shortened, but not after you use what method, web site keywords ranking is sitting on the same rocket. Now if you go online to search for new fast ranking methods, I believe you can find a lot of information on this. But my point today is new to obtain rapid ranking points: depends on the promotion of a strong chain and external, of course I will explain the reasons behind this. Let everybody know it, even know why.

said the chain, and promote. The promotion can also have a positive impact on the keyword ranking? You may ask, my answer is yes. The push is also very important for the new site, but also for the ranking is also has a strong role in promoting. Why would this be so? I’ll explain it to you. As a new search engine is difficult to form the user from the quality of the site for analysis, or that can not be seen from the statistics of this site is good site. Because a new station is not what traffic, which extended the time to determine the search engine. This is what we said earlier, only from the quantity and quality of the chain and determine a site wide degree of quality. But this is only a single method, and the accuracy is low. The search engine judge a website should not be ranked in the front position, the chain and the user experience is based on two aspects. So we need to put this combination of the two, can greatly shorten the time of the website ranking.

and effective promotion is greatly shorten the search engine to judge whether a website is good time. Why do promotion will shorten the search engine judge a website excellent time? "

in fact, we should understand the essence of the essence of search engine, search engine is for customer service. But the chain which sites, which have nothing to do with the user. The user and the chain is not view your site outside chain, but do look to the search engines, search engines look better, losing users, it does not have the meaning of existence. So the chain will have a powerful effect in the early stage, because the search engine is still need a good standard of judgment, and the judgment standard of the burden falls on the body of the chain. But latter is no longer the chain say, but users say, users say which website is a good website, search engine will think which website is a good website. This is what I want to say the ranking depends on the chain drive, stable ranking depends on the user experience.

we may for the web site keywords ranking are most familiar with the chain, you may think it is not that we all know you. But I want to tell you the reason behind, the chain can only play a role in boosting, not long to stabilize your website ranking. We do Shanghai Longfeng strategy should use the chain to push the site to the front of the search engine, and then use a good user experience for users to become loyal users of your site.

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