Through the data analysis of Shanghai dragon vane table of search engine optimization



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suddenly thought of an advertisement word love Shanghai, "there are always a few days a month…" Oh, I hope this to you, and I still felt like Shanghai dragon on the road to a friend a little help, currency Wangzhuan Home Forum opened in Shanghai dragon edition, hope that the webmaster friends can come together to exchange experience and Sure

data vane also saw a lot of message webmaster friends say their standing in the update ranking soared, this is good luck or…

here we recently posted 30 days of love Shanghai included vane:


could get to the "benefits" in the big update every Friday in the words, I think it is very good Oh! This time Sure has been in the maintenance company of several stations and several individual stations, but also in the 13 day update notices of these data, a less than 15 days the station has been rushed into the first 3 pages of keywords, sun love Shanghai index picture:




believes that often use Webmaster Tools webmaster friends should know that a data analysis table, named "Shanghai dragon data, it is every benchmark by sampling about 500 thousand sites and their comprehensive search engine and analysis included fold line graph generation out of data update, data may be one-sided, but still has a certain the reference

At the same time !

posted a detailed map information to sudden starting point location:

also welcome to reprint this.

, April 6th, April 13th and March 27th are Friday, Tuesday, this is not what I say, that love is most often compared to Shanghai peak update on Friday love, do not know this could be considered a turning point

through the above diagram, I believe we could see, love Shanghai is updated rate, increase the proportion of new change radically, the proportion will be ups and downs, perhaps careful friends have seen what… Is in chaos there seems to be a regular

Hello, I am Sure, A5 first time to start this article, only on these days in Shanghai love snapshot update and included the data to explore the search engine rules, writing is not good, hope everybody can forgive


In March 23rd March 30th,


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