Hao123 analysis of Shanghai Dragon movie channel Title keywords layout

has been used in hao123 navigation, is mainly used after it is not willing to change. Want to see a movie today, opening film of hao123 navigation, looking for a long time did not want to see the movie, but because the occupation habits pay special attention to the Shanghai dragon hao123 set, want to learn some experience from the Shanghai dragon, after all hao123 is love Shanghai’s relatively well in the domestic navigation site, which there are a few still worth learning and reference.


here you can get a brand related keyword participle: hao123 film, hao123 film charts, hao123 latest movie, hao123 best movies, hao123 HD movies and other keywords. We can see the love of Shanghai index of the word hao123 film, before 2011 every day search volume is below 200, 2011 after the keyword index has been improved, the maximum time to break through the index of 800, the current stable at around 600, hao123 started from 11 years to establish some related strategy brand word. The flow rate increased.

              hao123 _ the latest movie charts,

HD movies look best

open hao123, point into the movie channel’s website is 贵族宝贝video.hao123贵族宝贝/dianying/, but interestingly the site did not participate in the love of Shanghai ranked competition, but also the use of a URL address, this is something that will tell you about. This is the title of the page description:

for Shanghai dragon, this title is to make full use of the principle of love Shanghai word, three key words can match the following:

Hello, I am virtual son rain. The Shanghai dragon, in the deep analysis after we will find a lot of problems are more basic, but it is not able to pay attention to many websites and perform very well, which is why I am willing to do some basic diagnosis of Shanghai dragon. That is because I learned the basic knowledge is mostly based, and the operation of the site type is also the basis of comparison, including the so-called some skills may also get some basic knowledge structure, so do the diagnostic basis for comparison, although to do a thorough diagnosis of Shanghai dragon can not just look at the surface, but sometimes surface some basic settings can see Shanghai dragon website for the intentions of the Shanghai dragon.

1, hao123 brand related words. From this page keyword layout view, hao123 is on the front of the construction site is visible, pay much attention to the brand related keywords, it is worthy of our long standing friends do, especially want to do an excellent website from a friend.

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