An article on how to attract users to click on the search in Shanghai

will begin from here, for example, search the title " P2P net loan finance industry reshuffle is hi, BAT or " who took the opportunity to grab the leader; there will be the following information:


editor or owners in the choice of the picture can now try to choose the theme of the picture,

3) picture volume (size) that does not exceed 50K, because too much may cause delay or do not display pictures, or a problem with the network load slowly, so if there is no mandatory requirement, that picture volume not too big.

1) picture selection should be clear, good to be able to highlight the theme of the article, the best designed to provide pictures, so to highlight the more obvious theme

2) picture size and volume should also pay attention to, small download on the left side of the picture in the search engine results show, that the final show picture size is 121*75, so the picture can be recommended according to certain


search results through the above form, but also indirectly to the article provides the opportunity to click on, after I was collected in editing articles on their content were also little research, has the following suggestions:

note label text

, 1 articles were included in

wanted to make a good website ranking, click to solve site problems included, only the article was collected to be love Shanghai index, can participate in the rankings. How to make the website article was collected, the most important is the original, quality, only to meet these two conditions this paper can soon be included, because the love of Shanghai is very popular for high quality articles and original articles.

wants to make an article has good rankings from the overall site optimization efforts, create a reasonable framework, careful optimization of the frame, and then with the proper keywords, here is simply described, the follow-up will open an article to explain separately. (personal feeling website weight to an article ranking has a decisive role)

overview: every Shanghai dragon people want to write their own articles can have better ranking, let more people to click on and read, included to solve the problem is the first to solve the website, and then is how to attract users to click. Recently, Shanghai love search in the search page finally launched the picture function, so that users can be more intuitive to see the article to highlight the contents of all pictures than text more intuitive, some content is not able to replace the text, each one has his good points. Since the love of Shanghai launched this feature, we must make good use of Shanghai dragon, and today I will share some of my experience not worth mentioning.

2, the ranking of

4, ALT and

add ALT tags to the role of the picture as long as do >

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