Depth analysis of love Shanghai hour phenomenon


owners only need regular update website information and release the chain, maintain a good attitude can be! Do not drink (" " high weight update thought desperately)

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for the love Shanghai phenomenon we should be how to deal with the snapshot hours

love Shanghai hour phenomenon is not snapshot weight high performance

the love Shanghai


network as an example to speed riding, riding speed mainly by the high quality of the soft, web directory and chain. Released in soft and Sina, NetEase, Tencent, portal website. So for the love of spiders in Shanghai, portal station to vote to increase the love of Shanghai for the new station trust! (soft: strongly recommended A5’s news website – push media network is responsible for A5 vice general manager Mr. Chen Guoqiang! A5’s Web Directory – Tuiyou network).

recently, do not know if there is no careful webmaster found love Shanghai for some new snapshot frequent XX hours before the phenomenon, some owners then sit! Began to check the information asked " expert ", bean station network also frequent speed riding a similar situation, according to the following snapshot hour phenomenon of Adzuki Bean your experience to resolve love Shanghai.

2 hours after the website snapshot love Shanghai why there will be some keyword ranking drop



love Shanghai spider 220.181.108.* IP

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love Shanghai snapshot phenomenon hours some keywords ranking will decline generally appear in the new body, the reason is because the new station in Shanghai, love the sandbox period, but the content of the website quality, external links, promotion effect and user experience to do it well. So the owners need not just love Shanghai in order to get excited over a little thing, a normal way to protect the old station ranking. Once through the sandbox period, then the ranking will immediately home display, and quite stable.


love Shanghai snapshot is new high weight hour phenomenon, generally love Shanghai hour phenomenon of webmaster can observe the spider crawling IP love Shanghai. If 220.181.108.* is IP, then congratulations, all this love Shanghai IP, so this article through or home, absolutely within 24 hours and put out overnight snapshot, that I can guarantee

the love and love Shanghai Shanghai snapshot hour phenomenon 11 phenomenon is not related to

220.181.108.* IP is the weight of spider love Shanghai IP! Is the main home page crawl accounted for 80%, accounted for 30% of this article or page climbed, absolutely within 24 hours and put out overnight snapshot.

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