Ceng Yuwen how about the S manager 301 redirect those things



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never thought, set up their own websites are not open, it may have to recognize their mistake, then online to see a lot of information, including the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, is almost always a simple overview, or directly copying others, and some may be pseudo original

open the remote server, and then open the information management server, find the website of their own, also began to follow the online query data, directly on the website under your right mouse button to open the attribute, and then click on the main menu, then you can see the redirection to URL such words, so no matter in accordance with their own 3721 said the Internet thinking, your domain name to fill up, and then click the resource permanent redirect, click OK to complete, heart happy, the original 301 redirect so simple.

with WWW domain and WWW domain name can not access your website, it will distract us from the weight of the domain name. Some of my friends say we only need not to spread without the WWW domain name can, in fact it is not necessarily so, because as long as you don’t take the WWW domain can access, the spider will crawl; even when we send the chain, others will often take you to get rid of the WWW, so it will appear and not with the WWW take the WWW domain name will have rank:

everyone to see a lot of online 301 redirect data, but little is your own personal experience and write. Today, because he will not take the domain name to redirect WWW to take on the WWW domain name, but for a long time, not only did not set up, make their sites and are not open, Chinaz webmaster tools search shows, domain name redirection too! Is not easy for a long time, only the 301 to set up, here to share the no www domain name how 301 redirect to the WWW domain name on the

Our purpose is the

felt very anxious, know the online data can not solve this problem, so ask friends, asked about a 5, 6, that one is not the same! "



domain name weight as to play the important role in the Shanghai dragon, if a web site can be accessed through several domain names, domain name weight will disperse, the most common are the following four forms:

can access path are unified to jump to the www.xxx贵族宝贝 domain! Below to see how I operate



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