Forwards business last month real ranking analysis


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4, links and content on the work. This is the basic criterion of Shanghai dragon, regardless of how to change the SE, it will appear to the user, the content and links to good is the same. Here again, resources and contacts, which itself is a part of the Shanghai dragon. For example, the foreign trade of Shanghai Longfeng, many seasonal words obviously, many people rely on strong resources will be ranked in the short term boost.

2, love Shanghai brush drop-down box ranking. We all know some relevant keywords to get good rankings, which main keywords ranking function, this method is actually very common. The application of this method in the Shanghai dragon game, Shanghai Phoenix striker not feel right, love Shanghai ranked first in the kkk103 network and hxbfw network ranked eighth of the two sites may have dropped out of the top ten in the next time.


, home of the Shanghai love business site optimization method under several simple analysis of Shanghai striker dragon.

of course, which was held in Shanghai on the platform of SE love game, love Shanghai 11 is clear to everyone, and you know! The first A5, from business consulting (贵族宝贝hot.36578贵族宝贝) from the original, with links to welcome to reprint, thank you

looks like a raging fire to match although not involved, but the striker of Shanghai dragon as an outsider is also concerned about the. A game in the final months of fierce competition, more different opinions are also appeared. For example, the attack site rinse love Shanghai drop-down box drive ranking, link and so on, in fact, for these problems striker Shanghai Longfeng feel not much necessary. This is not the first Shanghai dragon competition, more important that everyone knows the Shanghai dragon. If these problems do not shout, Voices of discontent. Then a thankless task. Business after entering June, Shanghai love index also reached the highest peak in the visible, the last month of the competition and attention.


3, ranking the site itself based on weight. Love Shanghai ranked fourth in the OK network is 03 years of domain name registration, love Shanghai ranked seventh in the 54hn network is 09 years registered domain name, the two site content basically has nothing to do with the electric district, but their site itself weight is very high. As the striker Shanghai Dragon said last time what, under the title to restore ranking changes.

1, have different levels of stack keywords. The keyword stuffing is mainly concentrated in the title and description above, and site only one or two stations were piled up, it seems the keyword density or site optimization is an important means.

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