Search engine optimization 42 pounds should respond

optimization in Shanghai dragon rampant, can make the website "42 pounds" from the competition in talent shows itself. Therefore, large and small sites and how many are not in the optimal number of Internet? Tutorial information in this regard is endless, although there is no lack of quality, there are also examples of really effective. However, not all all websites for an optimization strategy, otherwise it will not exist so many Shanghai dragon er. This paper thinks: website optimization 42 pounds are speculative, please listen to the specific content of binary analyzed as follows:

: identify the directions

transfer chainThe importance of the

is not hot here to reprint it station news, but may find the original processing has become a hot event. The time is ripe for that search engines will bring you more benefits. One article is "take the author recently because of the small owners to stop filing: whether it is" Chunwangchihan "wrote an article about the problems caused by the record readers and reach the amount of search engine can be reproduced, still ignore? Here we voted for the feeling, ask the webmaster sympathy. This article is reproduced in hundreds of times, this article not only has a rigid value, but will convey to the reader that triggered the heart bleak. Of course, the professional is just an example, for different sites in the industry is not the same, I do is just Shijiazhuang website optimization.

two: identify the hot pre emptive

chain on the site no longer emphasize too much, here only said how to do the chain transfer, in order to obtain "42 pounds qixiao". Is not wondering why the hair of the chain by search engines without cleaning, is not the weight of the chain is still not effectively improve? Because do not transfer the chain, to get the value with it. The webmaster do stand outside the chain, which refers to the speculative: to find the site is more suitable for the chain, and the chain effect how? Not to cast a lot of hard not to be deleted is management by search engines is not recognized. In the chain of speculative, not the same site facing the field is different, and the information you have is not the same, so to find out the way to "effect, then the chain transfer will be long-term save a lot of time and energy.

three: optimization of the waters

, for example, do a new when get search engine index, is the last of the chain or content update? Or not overdo sth. look at the spider, walked by the time? That reasonable arrangements for the binary chain is released, the interval is more new, a spider hanging appetite for the best choice. In a period of time of the update of the original, the chain increases will cause the opposite effect. Specifically why, although this is not the rules of search engine, but it is a spider of a habit. So although optimized website updated original content promotion chain, but speculative optimization is also unavoidable, growing days and months multiplying.

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