Shanghai Longfeng optimization direction through the love of Shanghai official interview

Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon blog last month love Shanghai Spider grab the pressure diagram:

yesterday saw A5 to love Shanghai Senior Product Manager of web search and interview to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform responsible person Ms. Hu Rong. From the interview we can summarize some of the optimization direction of Shanghai dragon, I think two content is worth to pay attention to the webmaster of the

1, introducing social flow

webmaster tools platform using

second: interview again



users will share web content to third party websites and third party websites.

"love Shanghai share is actually to do around the SMO, new topics in the Shanghai dragon extends. The website is in addition to the new flow, active access search engine by means of. Similarly, a behavior is also recommend sharing users, so share more users, we also believe that this piece of web content." The above is the content of the original interview. It can see, share is recognized by the Shanghai love. "Share the more content will be considered better", but do not know love Shanghai for each brush share what? Anyway, since love Shanghai so much emphasis on the sharing, we have to do the work of nature. In fact, love Shanghai in sharing the code of the page has clearly pointed out that love Shanghai to share the role of the button. I personally feel the following both for the site or the Shanghai dragon optimization are very helpful.



Shanghai to share the love Below is the

may be a lot of people are more concerned about the web site collected and ranking, very few people to pay attention to the search engines to crawl and grab the abnormal pressure. In fact, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform also provides grasping pressure feedback tools and site grab abnormal query tool. These two tools can be used to judge the former love Shanghai reptile climb to the site frequency. The latter is used to judge the love of Shanghai spider access to the website is normal. These two tools is our indispensable tools for optimization in the process of Shanghai dragon. As shown in figure

Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon blog by default now love Shanghai grab pressure is 40 times / day. You can change according to the data comparison site data change and grasping pressure to determine factors that may affect the capture of the abnormal pressure of love Shanghai. Such data analysis is certainly beneficial to website.

where the horizontal axis is vertical grab grab date, number. You can also make the pressure adjustment, the adjusted need to submit audit, but love love Shanghai, Shanghai can not guarantee the adjustment according to your feedback, because it might want to consider some factors of love inside Shanghai. Figure:

The first point: love Shanghai

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