Seize the time a season makes me flow suddenly soar

1, the choice of time. This is actually not introduce too much, a normal people know the seasons of winter, in the subdivision is 24 solar term points, and then there are some small festivals and so on.


!The total flow chart:

single season word flow (PS: simple only in Sogou traffic)

The word "

I was summed up, there will be the cause of such effects, some experience to share with you now do the time of drainage, only personal experience, master

today is Monday, I still as usual, open the computer skilled (IT do!), the observation of several web traffic ranking etc.. I just hope diligently, can earn money up spare time! I had a health website recently called health family health! Do not long, because this period of time before the love of Shanghai was down the right, is still in the recovery phase, traffic is almost very small, not only to flow. On the other search engines for new sites, low weight, low PR, almost by long tail keywords is very difficult to get good traffic (PS: right down the reason is because the quality is not high), usually has limited energy, update and promotion efforts are not great. The usual health is a family health network of about one hundred of the traffic! But in recent days, I in order to restore the right down, also a few random write original articles of high quality, a fall, this is not immediately fall fast! The effect is really good, just finished, Sogou reaction is also very fast, included the ranking is also good, and a look!! 51 traffic statistics jump, a simple keyword brings me to the more than 50 IP, and is in the search engine Sogou, if love is Shanghai, the traffic is certainly the rapid figure:

do not spray!

2, the title and content (key words long tail). The title must contain the long tail keywords you want to do, also should include keywords, but do not pile, nature is good. The appropriate keyword density, it is helpful to the ranking, or just to make sure the originality and readability, do not copy, modify, carefully write an article with the quality of the article came out, which is to ensure a good part of the ranking of the

" is simply a "autumn diet regimen", day of Sogou search volume is almost 50ip, although little, but after all is in Sogou search engine recently, if the effect is very good, love Shanghai, but recently the station was drop right! But I was summed up, I’ll be there this effect, because these two days is not just a little bit of autumn! So in the website with a few on this article, in order to let the search engine included as soon as possible, to ensure the rankings, also specially made outside the chain of some of the several scripts, which leads to bring a single long tail word today the flow of small


outbreak! !3, the

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