Taobao mall renamed Tmall of Shanghai dragon brought good and bad

yesterday, Taobao mall renamed Tmall network, injured 3, 400 million Pro heart, said they can not accept, say this has really frustrated enough, ah, think of the name certainly low IQ is flawed, terrible, the name of Tmall, is there selling also has many adorable mean? Experts say Tmall’s most "listed as" really bright blind my eyes, personally think that Taobao mall more far-reaching than the Tmall network, now changed back, originally met bestie are asked: the two days you Taobao? Now to ask: this two days you Tmall no thunder bursts ah?.

should have many Taobao off Taobao keyword positioning Taobao keywords to men, women, over time, Tmall search Taobao if it is, people will not fall much, but these Taobao fell off.

more than just a personal complaint, Taobao mall does renamed caused a great shock, especially for Taobao customers and sellers, 2 months before the cost of a substantial fee, deposit, loan guarantee, cause a major shock, now renamed, absolutely is the test of seller and Taobao off the heart to bear but, it is no wonder that jd贵族宝贝 recently so fire, grab a lot of customers, to seize the market, Taobao is making strategic adjustment is no ground for blame, but the change in name of useful? I think Ma could not so little, the back should also follow a series of policies, hope in the future to Taobao customers and sellers hold on.

Key words:

Taobao has put Tianmao COM domain to accept, but has not yet begun to engage, but other domain names are many people berserk, such as a few days before the 12306 com, sold 3 million 500 thousand of the price, everyone wants to grab a good domain name to sell or do, like some Tmall ladies Tmall Mens Long tail domain, had robbed a space for sale, even Tianmao digital 0-9 basic is registered.

for exampleBefore

but these are not our Shanghai dragon what affects us is a series of effects, such as the renamed domain name:

has a lot of people are guessing whether Ma want to step by step to remove small sellers to improve their grades, and draw the relationship of C2C, and then the Jingdong dry down. But industry insiders speculated that the name is Taobao mall to get rid of Taobao and Ali system, independent operation, independent listed, the industry believes that Tmall’s name is required for industry events. From the beginning of the second half of 2011, the electronic commerce has entered the winter that hubbub, a large number of vertical B2C websites rely on Financing – Burn – refinancing is the scale of performance cycle has been questioned, while Tmall platform model is represented by the operation has become the mainstream recognized. Over the past few months, more than 50 vertical B2C good performance in the Taobao store also fully proved this point. The industry recognized, at this time need a strong platform for the brand to lead the B2C industry out of the woods, as the banner of enterprises of the industry, Tmall is therefore born.

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