Schindler Shanghai dragon love Shanghai the future trend analysis prediction algorithm


in Google search English have instant search engines, when customers enter keywords below will show the key long term, so that customers have more choices, when you open the Google browser browser will recommend the customer may be interested in the content, but unfortunately the Chinese temporarily do not have this, I believe that this is the trend of the future.

now what products in the network are promotion, from food to cannot eat everything, everyone in order to get good rankings of spam information in the network, so this year, love Shanghai ranking algorithm has greatly changed, so love Shanghai search focuses more on the weight of high website, pay more attention to the customer experience. I love Shanghai to analyze the search engine in the future pay more attention to several aspects.

, five station swarm algorithm

is the site of the Yishifumu user, even if the site made no longer beautiful, full-featured, user to our site traffic or in the right and left, the future search engine is more likely to rely on this aspect of the customer experience degrees rankings, in the Warring States era of Internet website user experience can not be ignored the.

the trend of the future of Shanghai pay more attention to the weight of high website, in the love of Shanghai search engine can look to the top most weight high website or love Shanghai for their own products, but the station still has a chance, need time.

original. user experience. search

three. Personalized

power stationIn

how to make the website for updates is a very troublesome thing, with most of the webmaster using pseudo original tools, but the false original sentence, order confusion, high quality article is crucial for the search engine, the future will rely on search engines love Shanghai more original, the pseudo original site greatly improvement, even if they are included might not get to the top.


in Shanghai ranked there are many factors affect the ranking, station group is the most effective and most likely to make optimization means rankings, although the station does not violate the love Shanghai algorithm, but the station webmaster don’t group high ranking let down the quality of content and links, is the core of the search engine, may give consider the future of this phenomenon, that is to reduce the waste and improve the link weights of high correlation links.


above is my 5 to rely on the trend of search engine. In this paper, by Schindler released in Fuzhou Shanghai dragon printing network 贵族宝贝fzywzx贵族宝贝, reproduced please keep connection!  

is the mainstream

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