Make a diagnosis in Shanghai dragon sniffs the rose blog as an example

bottleneck problemThe

a website, in the details of the deal. Use Google webmaster tools can help our website found that many of the details, for example, has a HTML improvement in the optimization of Google webmaster tools, which will help us to repeat the title "how many statistics web site, if there is no such a statistic, a lot of time we will ignore such a detail here, look at my blog by Google webmaster tools to get the title page screenshot repeat:

A, March included screenshots, this stage is obviously rising trend, which included a sharp decline is because during that time, love Shanghai itself has a change of data all have a sharp decline.

2, the website included the

from the inside can see clearly the website title page from repeated paging, paging page 8, column page also according to the number of different paging. But too much repetition of the title page for web site optimization is harmful, I believe that everyone can understand, understanding is not able to get the basic information about the web search engine and user. I have been looking for ways to optimize this piece. In the online search to one of the most simple way is to install the All in One Shanghai dragon Pack plugin, soon to help me solve such a problem.


repeat page title


Hello, I am virtual son rain. For my familiar friends all know that I have a blog, the name of the rose. The blog, blog is mainly used to share their understanding for some Shanghai dragon, before many are biased in theory and thinking, the occasional practice may share, this is the root cause of website traffic without make up the. Of course, my blog is a typical Shanghai Longfeng case, so sometimes for the blog is tested, for example, some time ago to share with the adjustment of website title for the website ranking effect, is a small test. Today I have to own blog as an example for everyone to talk about their own web site for some of the problems in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis.




website is a big problem in the website optimization, until not too concerned about this problem, recently checked the website included, found a serious problem, is to find ways to solve such a problem, the collection of love Shanghai for nearly 3 months, divided into 3 stages, I for everyone to see:

B, in April they encountered a bottleneck, included in the site reached a peak, and then declined to eat.


1, web page titleOptimization of

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