How to develop the Shanghai dragon project


this seemingly very empty, is talking about the ideal and ambition, but it is not. This is the ultimate goal, as the Shanghai dragon in charge of the project, every step of the back are subdivided in this goal, through a series of segmentation to determine the target can reach or a time.

is the final vision, then start looking for the industry with the vision recently received several sites, analysis. The analysis should include the following elements:

if you are a medium or large Shanghai dragon in charge of the project, then formally implemented before the project, you need to submit a plan of Shanghai Longfeng project for income evaluation. If you are a free occupation webmaster, so Mr.Zhao also suggest you write a plan in the Shanghai dragon before the site, so you can have on future earnings forecast. Then an optimization scheme, to include the

The elements?

~ ~ website have the keywords distribution. The tool is so advanced today, have lamented now Shanghai dragon is more convenient than before. The love of Shanghai weight through the Chinaz site, in the observation of the keywords ranking (here are index) in the distribution of within the site, including the home page weight words, words, then estimate the flow structure. Click here to say, the flow structure is composed of a large number of long tail does not include the contribution of base flow.

analysis of 2. competitors.

1. project final vision.

analysis to promote each other brand products such as word, word vocabulary landing. For example, you are free brand mall, so you need a long tail word with the third party platform to optimize your product brand word, such as "A" and "B" brand which is cost-effective, it is in order to increase landing into your visitors. Why should we pay attention to this, because your boss is always the person in charge is the project he is concerned about the return, he saw other sites do your vision after a good income, but can not see the technical details, and you as the person in charge of Shanghai dragon, its website integrated marketing should be considered if included, site and brand:

analysis of the website of Shanghai dragon, is divided into two aspects: the structure of the station, outside the chain, Mr.Zhao analysis method has been respectively in other Bowen are described in detail, so we no longer. The following strategy in the chain, for do you have I have looked down, he had succeeded in doing, can improve the efficiency of. To the middle beyond strategy, do I have you no, which is developed by the resources. The quality of articles in the content, this is only for your reference, let you in the industry as a whole the quality you do well, but in the implementation of time to adhere to high quality articles. In addition, also need to use some advanced commands such as site:www. zhao贵族宝贝, the Shanghai Phoenix Health website.

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