How to give the website construction of high quality external links

each had stood friends all know, the importance of external links to a web site in the search engine performance is good, the chain quality determines the ranking of a website. But for many webmaster friends, especially just friends of the station, the chain is a good work. What to do? How to do? This chain is the most troublesome problem, I do stand a few months to experience to share with you now, you will want to help master drifting. Do I think outside the company, must have two points, one is hard, two is a skill. If you don’t work hard, good skills are useless. Unless you want to use the software to do the mass outside the chain, but you do have to be prepared, at any time may be K stand possible.

through the above approach, insist on a period of time, believe that your site, there, this time you will need to find some sites of the same type and then start to do connection, friendship connection to improve your site’s ranking is very helpful, just stick to it, you will certainly be promoted step by step ranking, again to find some good ranking site connected, friendship connection is very important, but the internal connection will also play a supporting role, have a lot of friends all know that the chain is not clear, but in the role of the chain. In fact, a new beginning, the mainstream brought by the main keywords are rarely, mostly caused by keyword classification or inside pages. Usually, these pages are very competitive keywords, also is the weight of these words are mainly through their own websites in the transfer. So, when you send some new articles, before adding some links to.

will now put a summary of my own to do even several stages for everyone to share, learn together. The first is that the new station, a new station, no content in no case included, popularity, not good, even the idea you want to pass the friendship connection way to get outside is difficult to achieve. The reason is very simple, you are a new little weight, there will not be with you. No one is willing to do the case, you will need to be self reliant, some webmaster forum, blog what place to send some articles, with its own address, of course not pure advertising articles. So this article is very easy to be deleted, and the two inside 24 hours, with a link to a site is best not more than 3 times, otherwise IP may have been sealed. I have tried. Of course, you can also go to some love Shanghai updates faster website to send some articles, as my website is also good ah, love Shanghai every day. There is that you can add some bookmarks or URL through the website, blog, forum and so on. It is a little new sites, let love Shanghai included, so as long as there are dozens as the chain. And then slowly, one day some day, this product is much, the chain also naturally more. Here we should pay attention to is, if you just the new sites to be made, so the increase of the chain speed will slow down, not speed, etc. after one or two weeks to accelerate the speed of the chain.

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