How will the website optimization Website internal links to maximize the role of

3, a sort of internal page

chain structure

linked topic, we privately will have the impression that all links of value are from other sites. Although these links play an important role, but these are not the only important segment.

1, make sure your website properly crawl all pages for search engines to find


this may not apply to you, but if you have a large site, and this site has many pages and your content, then this will improve your overall site value. You put the content available to your visitors, then why do you want to avoid the search engine

to establish a correlation between the key phrase page

chain structure can affect these aspects, and how to maximize the effectiveness of the internal links of your website.


ensures that every page of your website is search engine to climb, is the simplest thing you can do for the website ranking. This can not only increase the credit degree of the search engine on your site, it will make your keywords ranking has more potential.

lets you "can be Spider climb to

any keywords to search engine "the first must have a clear goal, which includes a page which has a keyword. Keywords general home page set will be the degree of competition is relatively large words, website pages dedicated to the less competitive phrase. To do now is to establish a relationship between the key phrase Page >

search engine can not read the processing link, search engine just grab them. This is the case in the navigation script. If your site uses such a script based on the navigation system, then you should consider the specific application of certain aspects of the internal connection structure.

2, to establish a relationship between the key phrase page

I have seen some sites, when the search engine found them all the pages, side by side on the first page, you will find some of the keywords bring traffic even has never been research or those goals.

when you want to link to your work, why not stop to consider that the most readily available, and can get the maximum link? The link is your own website and that you can completely control the link. The correct use of an internal link can be a useful weapon in your arsenal as search engine optimization.

in addition, photo navigation can be to search engine spiders but search engines can not read the picture, therefore, cannot put the pictures related page link to another place on your website.

? This shows that

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