Mobile website optimization guide imperscriptible Edition

2. TDK




1. URLMost of the


M domain is suitable for the touch screen version, WAP domain is suitable for the simple version of

mobile website TDK and PC TDK have great differences, a typical example is the mobile Title and description attribute words end show different PC terminal more than 30 Chinese Chinese characters will cut, the mobile terminal is less than 20 fold line, so the direct use of PC website TDK rules, search for the title and abstract the results in the mobile terminal will not see all the love, in view of this, Shanghai official is recommended to use a separate TDK mobile station; North month advice blog can be divided into 2 steps, the use of PC end station TDK rules, two phase optimization for the mobile station to write a separate TDK (this issue from the most mobile TDK the electricity supplier website can see serious, such as the result is not so dry, will cause a lot of repeat TDK page);

with the expansion of mobile search engine market, PC site construction for 1 for users to browse the mobile web site has become very urgent; there are also quite a number of websites have a mobile website is very good, the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform has released a series of mobile station optimization data, but in the North may blog opinion the search engine is limited to the official status, the data would be doomed to official, involving some Shanghai dragon skills and search engine defects, and less formal problems, does not appear in the official data, the northern half month recently also participated in several large electricity supplier website mobile station optimization, summed up the Unofficial Guide the mobile station, I hope to do optimization of mobile station buddies help.


URL problem is reflected in this period and the two period in the early establishment of optimization, personal advice and love the Shanghai mobile data proposes that are directly in one step, in order to reduce the workload of late, specific rules and PC sites, good application of URL rewriting, and two level domain name and directory containing the filter configuration the conditions of URL, make trade-offs between static page and directory type page, if URL consciousness PC station has done very well, so the proposed method is by using the PC rule URL website directly, convenient for one to one matching;

3. station

PC website domain name is www. Shanghai dragon, it is recommended that the mobile station domain name is m.***.cn or wap.***.cn;

mobile terminal site in the era of intelligent machines, most are touch screen version of the site, so the establishment of technology based on Ajax and HTML5, considering the factors of Shanghai dragon, suggestion is to use HTML5 to build a mobile site, rather than ajar; such as Ajax must be used for important pages using XML technology for its.

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