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said the channel page optimization, which is a great thing, it is related to your website ranking optimization is better than not. Before Jane did not pay attention to this point, some of the learning materials to find himself at the station at the beginning of forget to do the whole website layout in learning to see today. Only in the channel page casually put a few words every day, update the article on the matter. Even if you do website optimization to love Shanghai home, but other pages can be optimized to the first page of the less and less, so the website ranking is not healthy. The real Shanghai dragon optimization do good, is the most can do love Shanghai home page. That is to say as long as you think of the Related words you love Shanghai search, most will have this website article page page appears.

is a new classification directory page is created, update the article when you add the options such as "site optimization" check on it. This is your article to generate this classification on the page.

1, visit the background, in the article – Directory – add Directory: in the name of the following input "site optimization", alias can be English can also be the word spelling. Then add directory "click on the button below. The following figure:

in the subject

because I use WordPress program to build a website, so the classification directory for WordPress site to do optimization demonstration. In fact, the program is not the same Never mind, the principle is the same. Learn about it.


directory can be displayed to the site navigation bar. Methods:

also enter the background – appearance – menu – a directory on the left side of the options below is before you set the directory name, such as my previous Settings >

I wanted to put URL into the alias format URL, rather than in the form of digital display. But because the front page has been included in some changes, if the URL is likely to be right down what, for security reasons, or to not move this piece. In fact, the URL in the alias displays for ranking is also good. OK, here is how to optimize the channel page


then we need to create a new menu, such as "site optimization"


I have recently found a website to do very well, I found that every time I search a WordPress plugin, always in the love of Shanghai home to the site to find the article page plug-in. That is to say most of his article pages can be routed to Shanghai love home, this site did not do well? Therefore, I have the good website for their reasonable arranging a rectification. Of course improvement at the same time to consider the rules of search engine.

The first step: add


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