Practice learning method is the best to Shanghai Dragon


Shanghai dragon

the second stage is the Shanghai dragon combat phase, after seeing some of Shanghai dragon theory, a website to start their own optimization way directly to do. It is the company’s corporate website, also can do a blog experiment, first from the start of the long tail keywords the most simple, so more easier to experience what is called internal links, what is called the construction of the chain, and the label is added, the static URL static. This time, get up every day and most concerned thing is to view the data and ranking.

were summarized, and then for the site do Shanghai Longfeng, but this time the hearts of confidence, know on the whole to grasp the key. This time the details of the website have been adjusted, the most important thing is to improve the conversion rate or keyword ranking, contrast, plus and before doing so, this stage is what feeling, occasionally abnormal website snapshot does not ask the post everywhere.

Shanghai dragon

online now can see many articles about Shanghai dragon, there are also many webmaster blog to share their experience in Shanghai dragon, for the novice webmaster, there are many opportunities to learn what you want, but today I share my own views, you may come to find it, I always think only, real knowledge comes from practice, because of the different, each person’s website in different industries and different resources in the hands, methods are different, so using the same technique, the result is sometimes different. Only personally operation, and adjusted according to their own website, finally learned is dry cargo.

experienced combat, and then summarize the actual combat, you’ll have your very identity of Shanghai dragon theory. This is their own.

After Shanghai dragon real

after Shanghai dragon combat, the next period of time to learn, into the background of their statistical data, will tell you everything. Site of the two visit rate, PV, IP, the most popular pages, Links, external links, long tail keywords accounted for the proportion of flow and so on, all the problems need this time to carry out a series of summary, and calculate the conversion rate, see the website which needs to be improved, the need to improve their skills in Shanghai dragon what needs to be improved, and what used to see conflict theory etc..


first stage is certainly not familiar with the Shanghai dragon stage, this time we don’t know many related terms, also do not understand a lot of space domain or analytic knowledge, so we need to see a lot of basic knowledge from the Internet, give yourself a good complement for the future combat, do a solid foundation. This is every webmaster Shanghai dragon will experience stage.

Shanghai dragon

Shanghai dragon again combat

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