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4, the original article: the original article that you wrote what the original, this is more convenient to do within the chain, the fact that with the plugin to do within the chain effect is far from manual do so only to keep the original article is king, but the key word inside yourself can also grasp the website the content of this blog is through this method to let their website weight increase. Don’t need to do website promotion, most users will turn to introduce more people to see the article, it will be better to increase website PV.

blog had seen his ranking is very good, but not to read his blog, because peer, but no specific analysis. Enter a see found this website content is so good today, really let a person as the acme of perfection. Now I will summarize the blog where the advantages of.

all of the above are my thoughts. "

In fact, Xiao Jun

today I had the honor to observe a moment, but do Guangzhou Shanghai dragon Changsha Shanghai dragon ranked first blog. The blogger is indeed very powerful, the website is rich in content, and each of the chain optimization are doing very good. Each article comments a lot, so the fire of the blog, really worth learning, so I share with you today and my views on this blog.

The chain of

2, the user experience: the user experience doing pretty good, careful friends can be found, the blog’s front page with a floating JS call is a plug-in, if you drag the mouse where the plugin will prompt you, whether to return to the top, so the user experience do good envy. The original readability and began in the chain and content, greatly increase the residence time of the users and the website PV. The content is very practical, the blog users are to learn Shanghai dragon to each keyword will have the corresponding articles to explain, not to Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon, but the real good user experience.

1, rich content: this blog have been 4-5 months, which more content, but the basic are original, rarely reproduced. There is one blogger wrote to the user’s real share, there are so many people will go to watch the blog article which is why every day.

3, correlation: the blog article inside a detailed description of the reasons for bloggers own website ranking up, mainly is mostly for the same industry links, Shanghai dragon blog do keyword area + Shanghai dragon, do website promotion Keywords area + website promotion, this makes the correlation the weight of the blog promotion greatly. There is no matter from the user experience, or from the construction of the chain, is a very good blog. Carefully read his blog after I feel my own blog and he compared it too far, but as long as a day to careful management, I think my blog would one day become the same as his blog.

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