The actual use the latest snapshot restore love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot complaints

2012.2.15 the morning, I came to the company a project to see their own, find the snapshot to become the network; this is what causes it? Then go to the webmaster forum to consult, finally someone pointed out, this may be the site for a long period of time not open, and frequent changes the title.

: please indicate the profound entrepreneurial home 贵族宝贝shen-gwang贵族宝贝


noted that when applying for complaints, must fill out the real reason, because of complaints are artificial audit. Just write a, they are not given by the. In fact, there are other methods, can not rely on the love of Shanghai snapshot complaints, if your website snapshot problem, to do is to find out the problem, to solve the problem. So how to analysis reasons: first analysis in what two weeks she sat in the past, why would cause the snapshot to be deleted, or replaced, find the problem, and then to solve; don’t often modify title.

snapshot complaints information feedback

someone gave me the best solution, the fastest way is to use the love Shanghai complaints, the emergence of the snapshot and the cause of the problem seriously written, then submitted; they try holding the mentality to submit, did not think today was restored. It is amazing.


first step: find a snapshot, and then click on the upper right corner of the

The second step:

The operation steps are as follows: Finally,


this is

2012.2.17, the recovery in the snapshot

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