The example analysis of the original information of the love of Shanghai Google ranking

is the first to carefully introduce the original articles published in the website. Because this is a prerequisite for the background analysis experiment of the original article: regular website, search engines, to minimize the interference of human factors, so as to avoid the incorrect results. Website Analyst (www.webfenxishi贵族宝贝) is personally create an analysis services company website for the enterprise website, all information websites are carefully sorted, and strive to the concise and comprehensive, by cutting out the superfluous, there are also some original articles I share. Analysts are better on the search engines, web sites on-line about more than 3 months, the site is not optimized for human self, is a spider crawling.

has been paying close attention to the search engine, especially the original information included in the search engine and the weight of some doubt. The recent use of their website analyst, analyzed the authentication of search engines on the importance of original information. Let me be startled at the results, in the face of the fact that I have deepened the understanding of the major search engines. Below, I will explain my analysis process with examples and screenshots.


1, love Shanghai included nearly 50, but the site rankings almost no ranking, ranked 198;

3, YAHOO included less, but analysts still ranked first > Website

page is included, I waited for two days, published in March 4th to A5, Chinaz and some other sites, made a total of 5 stations, 6. The success was published, I wait for three days in March 7th, reprinted query. The reprint volume is not clear, direct search for the title of the article, according to the love of Shanghai Google search results page by page, there are about 20 sites so reproduced.

2, Google included good, there are 196 pages, website analysts ranked first;


After the March 2nd

in March 2nd, I wrote an article, "comparative analysis" on the QQ browser and Google browser personalization, and published in the website of analysts, March 3rd included in the search engine, included date of March 2nd. (note, I do not know why the search is, today is March 8th, is still not included in other pages are included, normal) photo card:

an important moment here, direct search "title on the QQ browser and Google browser personalized comparative analysis" in love, Google Shanghai, YAHOO, the results page is different (soso not included, so no analysis). The screenshot below:


through the above screenshot, and after a rough statistics, we can draw the following conclusions:


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