The enterprise website of Shanghai Dragon from 0 to 2 weight 60 days of operation process


plan to perform optimization: every day we such a site to do what work, the need to make a plan, even if it is not engaged in Shanghai Longfeng work, it is a must. Daily work plan to present data report. For example, 28 at the time of writing; a day 2 article on the pad of the original article (on the afternoon of the A and a fixed period of time), 5 new products (old products to update, if not good enough) "

just took over the site, not blindly rush, you first need to do is try to analyze the site of the largest comprehensive data. The 28 was to take over the business website is doing pad wholesale order, the first day of the following query;

Check the

website summary: Shanghai dragon age, domain name registration information, included quantity, chain, keyword ranking, snapshot and IP data; and finally make a record, the follow-up can be compared, can clearly know the progress of Shanghai dragon;

website Shanghai dragon set: Home / product / case / information section title, keywords, description of setting norms, timely recording and correction. Wrote that there will be a lot of new friends asked: "how do you know do not know standard specification? Not standard and how to correct it? This is the basis of knowledge of Shanghai dragon, to protect yourself to learn oh.

website speed and security: speed can use Ping tools, online web site security speed, you can use third party websites such as 360 guards and so on, it is best to check the website patiently without exception, 28 responsible for the corporate website on the same day to check out the Black 16 directory, but also very secretive, spent a lot of time to be clear.

Objective: Hello, I am 28 · Ye Yuqing, very happy today can share the Shanghai dragon relevant content to you. This paper is about 28 in 60 days (August 20th -10 20) the actual operation of a whole process from the 0 to 2 corporate website, hope this paper can make the enterprise website in Shanghai Longfeng but do not know how to start the operation of friends no longer confused. At the same time, particularly suitable for beginners learning, which has a certain guiding significance.


is ready to work to understand the past and present of

website and Shanghai Longfeng collection, trans historical information, most of the webmaster tools have the function, can see the date of each website since the construction and anti chain situation clearly, data can be derived for analysis. If a certain period of time there included 0 cases, it may have been the history of the site before K.

search keywords to find peers: for example, 28 time to take over the business website is doing pad wholesale, I love Shanghai under the key word there will be a lot of peers, peer number, rank, number of search results directly determines the difficulty of the competition in this industry.

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