Shanghai dragon is the mentality than the critical moment

if your Shanghai Dragon technology has reached a certain level, you can start a large number of advocating how cattle, so much, can quickly put a keyword to do so then go ahead and from when the cup is not far away. Pride is everyone there, but must not bring them to Shanghai to phoenix.

we analyze the data, get the exact results. If it is found large fluctuations, we also don’t panic, a site may be only temporary, wait an hour to check to see. If you find a problem, to check their site is not being hung up the black chain, or have been K off their friends of the chain, included is less than before, these are likely to be the most direct factor. We must carefully check, do not miss a single detail, in a word to Shanghai dragon data and analysis as the standard, must not casually suspicion, that will only make you more passive.

Shanghai Longfeng firm belief is very important

Remember > is very important to keep a low profile in Shanghai Dragon

‘s recent love Shanghai update, I believe there are a lot of people have been affected more or less, I took over the station is also. Shanghai Longfeng veterans in Shanghai has experienced many love turmoil, I believe that most people will know, Shanghai dragon keep a good state of mind is very important! You have a good mentality of Shanghai dragon

Shanghai dragon must not casually suspicion


when we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, using Web query tool, find your website ranking changes. Don’t worry, the first thing to do is to change to another query tool check to see if the same, some tools have the potential to write software, only a fixed algorithm link, not timely updates, so there may be a problem of data error. Do Shanghai dragon still have to understand some manual query method.

examination, even included reduced do not go blind, look at the most recent date is not in the right love Shanghai big update 11 and number 26 on the two days. If it is, it don’t be affected because of hard, each love Shanghai’s updated ranking fluctuation is normal. Every time at this time, there will be countless people in discussing their ranking changed how, and then lists a lot of reasons, so we are really for gospel truth, so many problems? It’s definitely not that. If you believe this point on the line: "love Shanghai regardless of how to change, how to update, finally have to do is to provide more reliable and accurate information for the user." If your website done toward this goal, the usual ranking has been very good, but also worried that because this update rankings have fluctuations in the reasons for the


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