Seven knowledge about the construction of a chain

Seven, pay attention to

if I made a stand, I do is sub page or home page, I didn’t do well, but the sub page ranking is very good, then my sub page regardless of weight or value than the home to high. In exchange for the friends of the chain, with the home to exchange for others home is normal behavior, but to analyze the other page whether the website weight income point, observation and analysis of its lexicon, if not decisively abandon.

three, distinguish the high weight page

, a correlation of the controversial

, five frequency control

chain cheating often.


when the station optimization reaches saturation, a high quality of the chain station may make your site over the quality, so in exchange for a chain which is learning

six, trans word diversification of

, in exchange for owners often refer to the PR value chain, because PR is more authentic than BR. False high weight cheat high quality friend chain behavior is also emerge in an endless stream. The principle is very simple: choose a popular keywords such as "ABC", is very easy to make the page ranked first, then use the software sweep index, weight 3 is very simple, so that doping in the natural thesaurus, a part of the owners will be deceived.

out of the station and the station actually link correlation does not affect the weight of transmission, but the correlation can enhance the competitiveness of their station keywords, a site associated with the key words as outbound links, but again good. This is certainly better than the industry recognized that love Shanghai more practical.

cheat chain trap

in general, the number of chain control is enough in 30 or less, if you want to make more friends of the chain, you may wish to do some pages of a chain, sprocket effect is obvious. Or replace the low quality of the chain, too many outbound links but not good.

two, Huiyanshizhu

four, a number of

for friends of the chain avoid overeating, for friends of the chain is actually stop the construction of the chain, a large number of short time for friends of the chain, even if the quality is high, Shanghai will drop the right to love you, after a period of observation period will be put out, so the loss of flow is The loss outweighs the gain. The construction of a chain should follow the progressive idea, according to the construction of the chain of a chain or their daily range is two chain.

control station

met yesterday for a chain of Tongren, a station has 5 words, but he always choose the same word as for words, the two ranked as can be imagined, rapid decline. If your website is only one or two words, also want to let your keywords chain diversification, such as the use of the long tail to change the chain, use love to change Shanghai down the word chain, or use their own words to change the brand chain is possible, the ultimate goal is to change the chain site traffic.


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